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Keeping Terraform Updated (using snap)

Fortunately or unfortunatly, I have several computers to manage and my main ones are macOS (work) and Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora).

In macOS I can use brew update to install and update but in Linux, there isn’t a ways as easy as the mac… until now…

Introducing Terraform Snap package.

First of all, SNAPs are a new a exciting game changer. They are universal Linux packages (forget the war with deb and rpm).

To be able to run snaps you need to install snapd:

In Ubuntu: sudo apt install snapd

In Fedora: sudo dnf install snapd

Now you are able to install Terraform Snap package that will allow you to keep your Terraform updated automatically and magically.

For Terraform Snap

sudo snap install terraform-snap

The problem here (for now), is that the binary is now called “”

To overcome this, I have created a alias like this:

alias terraform=''

There is also a vault snap updated but the packer one is a bit out-of-date.

Have fun!