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We all should be aware that our data is valueable for us and might be valuable for others and due to that, I’ve decided to create a single ‘script’ to be able to create and destroy a VPN server on DigitalOcean to encrypt your traffic when you are using a public or a dubious internet connection.

You only need:

  • a DigitalOcean token
  • your ssh key id (you can see how to gain that in the repo)
  • Terraform binary
  • Clone the repo:

For more detailed instructions, you can read the repo Readme.


Snaps Updated

Just built the new Terraform 0.9.8 snap and the new Packer 1.0.2.

They are about to be released, keep snapping.


2nd Factor Authentication - Duo

Security is a big concern everywhere but not eveyone do what they preach!

There are several ways to secure your information or at least, try to difficult that someone can aquire access to your information.

One way to do that is to enable a 2nd Factor Authenticator.

Every “cool kid” has 2nd Factor enable from the start of using anything online. This 2nd Factor can be a SMS, Push, Phone call or even a file.

I’m using Duo Mobile. It works like Google Authenticator, Authy and more but one of the things I like the most is being able to access my server/app by using a push.

No more insert the code that is sent or generated. You just select if it was you or not.

One of the reasons I’m writting this post is to keep track of a important thing:

How to backup your Duo Mobile codes: On Android you need a rooted phone and then copy the following file:



My Packer Snap is again on the news!

I was invited to say some words for the launch of the public beta of

Myself, my blog and my Snap were again news on the official blog of Ubuntu - Ubuntu Insights



My blog and I were mentioned by the team of Snapcraft in “This week in snapcraft (WW21 2017)

In my tries, I have explored some ways of building snaps and Ubuntu is providing a new way to do it by launching

It seems that Ubuntu is in the right path with this one.

“If the use of SNAPs is snapping, the creation of SNAPs is snapcrafting.”