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Packer Snap - My first snap

As I was learning about snaps, I faced a issue that I was having in my current job. I have been using some tools from Hashicorp and Hashicorp don’t use the “latest version” concept.

Bu if you want to keep yourself updated, it’s a problem because they are releasing new features every couple os days and sometimes can be hard to keep up with it, so I created my first snap.

The same package that runs in Ubuntu and Fedora and it seems that will be the standard packaging system for the years to come.

I introduce you “packer-abacao” snap.

It is a job that needs to be polished but remember that is my first snap.

You can install this snap from the Ubuntu Snap Store by using the command.

sudo snap install packer-abacao

With this you will get the latest packer version from the source. v1.1.0

Have fun!