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Terraform 0.9.6 and SNAPs

Another minor update on Terraform.

Some things to take a look:
[✓] New Provider: ovh
[✓] New Resource: aws_default_subnet
[✓] New Resource: aws_default_vpc
[✓] New Resource: aws_default_vpc_dhcp_options
[✓] New Data Source: aws_db_snapshot

With this release, I wanted to update my snapcrafts. I have updated my packer snap and I have also created a terraform updated snap.

Both were build by the servers that are linked to my github account.

computer:~$ snap find abacao
Name              Version  Developer  Notes  Summary
terraform-abacao  0.9.6    abacao     -      build, change, and version infrastructure safely and efficiently
packer-abacao     1.0.0    abacao     -      Packer - Build Automated Machine Images

You can find the changelog for Terraform here

New Terraform 0.9.6 here