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Blog and life update

Another twist in my life occurred. Life at Siemens was good and peaceful and that was the problem. I was becoming frustrated with tons of meetings every day with any pratical outcome and that was making me mad. It was really annoying to hear in every call “Let’s think over a week to decide”…

Not only that but the projects presented were like “How do I use the cloud?” As a Siemens colleague once said “I believe that you will become dumb in here” and it was true… I was feeling that I was becoming dumb.

The company where I am now was searching for someone with my profile so they engaged with me to have a litle talk and I accepted.

The conversation went good and the job seemed cool so I accepted the challenge.

After 2 weeks, my time in work flies like never before, in a better environment than in Siemens (didn’t really think that was possible)!